Saturday, 1 August 2015

Picture Of The Week - No 46 - Shermans

Comment:  This weeks picture shows a couple of WW2 British Shermans.  The one on the left being a Firefly, the one of the right being armed with a 105mm.  Main points of interest in the picture are:
a)   Track extenders fitted to assist with mobility over soft ground, and
b)   All the extra track hanging off the vehicles for extra protection.


Paul O'G said...

c) They are parked next to a no Parking sign - hope they don't get a ticket!

Great picture. Do you know what unit they are from?
I understand Guards units used to smother their Churchill tanks with spare treads also.

Vulture said...

Hi Paul
I'm afraid I don't know the unit.
Yes, I've seen some pics of Churchills covered as well :)