Saturday, 21 March 2015

15mm Walker Distraction - 'Vera' Makes An Appearance

I'm meant to be focussing what modelling time I have available onto painting my 28mm Bruswick unit I posted about yesterday, but as is the way with wargamers, we get distracted...  In this instance I was looking at some 15mm Sci-Fi on the web and all of sudden felt inspired to build a Critical Mass Miniatures Walker I had picked up some two years ago at the Vapnartak convention.  Different from the four I already have, this one is an ARC Fleet Valkyrie variant which has jump jets on the back and a different arm arrangement.  Fortunately I had a bunch of rare earth magnets in my modelling box, so I've been able to articulate the movement of the torso, arms and chin weapon.

My son came up with the suggestion for the name, somehow it seemed appropriate :)

And when dissembled.



Paul O'G said...

Love it! Great model made even better with your use of magnets, and those video is inspired!

PS did you know that Vera is the name of Jayne Cobb's favourite gun in Firefly?

Vulture said...

Hi Paul
Glad you liked it, just a bit of fun this afternoon :)
Yes, we're big fans of Firefly, my son was inspired by the name from there :)
Kind regards

John Bear Ross said...

Absolutely brilliant. I've always loved your stop-action work.


Dan said...