Tuesday, 24 February 2015

CCKW truck in for a service

My CCKW due to its age is considered a historic vehicle by the DVLA and as such is exempt from requiring an annual MOT.  Owners self-authorise the road-worthiness of their vehicles.  From my point of view whilst it's a relief not to have to face the trauma of a MOT on such old vehicle I do want to be safe on the road.  To that end 2 years ago I put the truck in for a safety inspection (Link) and it's now time for another.  I'm using a specialist company called MV Depot who are based here in Yorkshire.  Adam Wright the owner is very experienced with CCKWs and having taken all the wheels off and inspected it all over, I'm following his recommendation and having the all the brake cylinders and hub seals renewed.  Here's a couple of pics from yesterday and today.

Truck up on axle stands, all wheels off.

Rear drum brakes exposed.

Close up of the brake mechanism.  You can see where there has been a slight weep of brake fluid from the cylinder.

Rear brake cylinders all removed and cleaned, waiting on new seals.


the one said...

Wow! What a tiny set of shoes for such a large vehicle. Must have be "interesting" to drive one of these back in the day fully loaded :o

Vulture said...

Unloaded the braking is excellent !

Although rated to carrying a 2.5 ton cross-country, on roads they would load up to 5 tons, which is just more than this 352 weighs. Most weight I've had in is about a ton. Only thing I noticed was that the ride was better, as the springs were being damped to some degree ! LOL