Tuesday, 19 November 2013

'Last' WW2 Tiger tank to be used in Brad Pitt film

Chaps, just seen this on the BBC web site. Link Can't wait for the film to come out :)
A World War Two Tiger tank - thought to be the last of its type in working order - is being loaned to the makers of the latest Brad Pitt film. The star has been shooting scenes for the action movie Fury around the village of Shirburn in Oxfordshire. The German tank was restored by experts at the Tank Museum in Bovington, Dorset, where it is usually on display. Museum director Richard Smith said it was "one of the the most feared weapons unleashed by the Nazis". He said it had a "formidable reputation and could destroy an enemy tank from over 2km away". Curator David Willey said: "The Tiger was restored so that the public could fully appreciate what a truly fearsome machine it would have been during battle. "Now for the first time countless numbers of people will have the opportunity to see a genuine Tiger in a contemporary war film." Remembrance apology He described it as "a unique piece of military heritage" and said its time on set would be "carefully managed and overseen by a group of museum workshop staff". Another tank from the Bovington museum, its Sherman M4E8, also features in the film.

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