Monday, 14 October 2013

15mm Sci-Fi - Club Game - Objective: Take And Hold The APC

At the club last Thursday whilst some of our gaming chums tried out a 1/300th game of the new FoW Arab Israeli supplement, John Elwen and myself started a game of 15mm Sci-Fi.  We'd talked about it for weeks, and so were looking forward to the game.  I did originally have aspirations to pull together a detailed scenario, but pressures of work and family got in the way, so on the night we opted for a straightforward encounter game.  The objective for the night was to take and hold a broken down APC in the middle of the table which held important intel.
The rules for the night were our own expanded version of FUBAR in which we are also trying out three adjustments:
1. +1 to Activation roll if the unit failed to Activate on the previous turn.
2. Units on Guard have a -1 penalty to Hit.
3. New action called Overwatch. Acts the same as the Guard but with +1 to Hit. Troops don't need to re-activate to each turn.

We managed to get about 4 turns in before running out of time.  On the last turn of the night I managed to get my commander (in Dreadnought armour with a mini-gun) onto the objective, but his supporting squad was totally wiped out.

Vehicle of the night was a (Hammers Slammers) Blower Tank of John's that soaked up multiple hits that KO'd its main gun and inflicted so much damage on the skirts it was reduced to 1/8th speed.
The game still has some legs, so we are continuing this coming Thursday.
Here are a few photos.

My team advancing.

My Grav jet tank starts its high speed run it.

Robot support.

My HQ Power armour squad
John's blower tank right next to the object.

My commander confidently jetpacks to the top of the objective.

Overhead shot from Johns end of the game table.

A squad of John's infantry (GZG) advance with tracked support units (each armed with twin-linked 50 cals).


Will Scarvie said...

Can you tell me more about that Grav Jet Tank model? That's a pretty cool idea, and one I don't think I've ever seen before.

Vulture said...

The Grav Jet Tank was done by a company called 'Blade Miniatures' and is actually meant to be 20mm although it's perfect for 15mm. I bought it over 20 years ago. Blade Miniatures is no longer trading, can't recall who took them over, or even if you can still get the vehicle I'm afraid.

Will Scarvie said...

Well then, I guess I'll just have to find a way to make my own :-) Thanks.