Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Bolt Action at the Harrogate Club

Joined in another game of WW2 20mm using the Bolt Action rules last Thursday.  Like at X-Mas I had a Panther.  -After being quite badly pinned I pulled back round behind a hill, cleared the pins and then moving forward, taking out a Sherman 75 that was sat near the objective. 
Quite an enjoyable game however I am slightly frustrated by inaccuracies in the vehicle listings.  I have therefore resolved to come up with my own listings, and have made a start on German listing.  In my next game in a few weeks time I hope to trial some house rules we have been talking about.  I'm currently thinking of introducing: (for AT fire on vehicles):
+1 for each second and subsequent shot at Target.
+1 if target hit in previous turn.
+1 If firer has Optics bonus and firing at long range.
-1 Long range shot with High Velocity (HV) round or AT Gun HEAT round.
-1 Target moving at 45% to 90% across front of firer up to 9" movement.
-2 Target moving at 45 – 90 across front of firer over 9" movement.



Gunrunner said...

Nice pictures, Vulture, good terrain and minis. Looks to have been an enjoyable game!

Vulture said...

Hi Gunrunner
Yes, a good game. I'm motivated to get myself some US Tank Destroyers for the next game :)