Friday, 5 October 2012

Web Shots - The New Management Sucks !

For many years now I have used the Web Shots web site to store and share my photographs. At the last count I had 3,379 photos and 65 videos stored in 48 albums that has had 173,652 views. About 80% of the photos on my Blog are linked back to that site (at a rough guess over 300+). A couple of days ago Web Shots announced they are going to rename themselves 'Smile' and change their operating model. With effect from 1 Dec it all photos will have moved to a new address, and it will not be possible to share them publicly. To say I am furious would be a understatement. The work involved in finding another site, like Flickr for example, uploading Gigs worth of photos, and then having to re-establish the photos links will take hours and hours and hours. Then what's to say that Flickr don't then do the same thing ? I am so pissed off.


Phil Curran said...

Oooh not good. I'm sorry for you

Wesley Camp said...

I feel your pain, and have been screwed over the years. I have learned to use the tools form the guy you have you content under.
I use the tools that are under the Google name, for this very same reason. So I have been hosting my photos on Picasa for years. Now with G+ the Picasa albums are going to change, but they are still shared on the Blog, and all my other links.

Vulture said...

Good idea about using Picasa. I shall investigate.