Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Ramsey 1940 Show

This last weekend saw the family and I go to a local 1940 show at Ramsey. I've been before (Link and Link) but this year was different as we took our GMC CCKW along on both days. Boy was it hot ! After a very mixed summer here in the UK thus far, the gods blessed this weekend with the hottest weather of the year for this area. Don't get me wrong I'm all for the sun shining, but this was just too hot for comfort. I had big plans of things I wanted to on the vehicle whilst there: setting the tappets up (which needs the engine running), shaving some excess wood off the cargo body bows (the things the canvas goes over at the back) and giving it an oil change. Well none of this came to pass as it was just sooooo damn hot !! That said the public loved it and came in large huge numbers to what was a well organised and enjoyable event. I took some photos which are one the slide-show below.

2012 - Ramsey 1940 Weekend
Stand out vehicle for me was a Humber 'Pig' parked in the post 1940 vehicle collection.
I find myself lusting after one owning one I must confess, as I think they look just great. The reality of owning and driving could be something else though as I believe they are a 'challenging' vehicle in both areas. Looking at how little room there is around the pedals you can quite clearly see how it was awarded the nickname 'Pig' by the drivers !

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