Friday, 8 June 2012

Picture Of The Week - No 4 - Jeep To Normandy

Back in 1977 when I was still at school, I used to sit next to a lad called Chris Jenkins in my O Level History lesson. Chris and I have have been friends ever since, and have shared may adventures over the years, including going to Normandy in his Jeep for the 60th D-Day celebrations in Jun 2004. Boy did we do some mileage in that Jeep! In the space of 4 days we drove south and caught the Chunnel across to France and then drove to Normandy all in one day. For two days we toured the sites, and then drove back home on the fourth day.  The weather wasn't great and most of the time it was pretty cold, but we still had a great time.  Here's a (rather grainy) photo of the two of us setting off on our adventure.



Don M said...

There are some good memories there! I remember my own trip
to Normandy in the late 80s
very moving place.

Lee Hadley said...

Jealous! My Brother-in-law and I keep talking about a trip to Normandy but it hasn't come to pass yet (let alone in a Jeep!). One day, maybe.

Vulture said...

There is certainly lots to see :)

Vulture said...

You need to start the planning with your brother-in-law to go over for the 70th celebrations in 2014 ! :)

BTW, u off to Duxford ?