Monday, 28 November 2011

This Was Not In The Plan For The Day !

Its fair to say that Saturday wasn't without its stress...

1. New doors I've picked up for the CCKW truck won't fit without me using a crowbar on the body :(

2. A dripping oil leak on the truck, became a flood from a high pressure oil pipe, and I needed to be recovered home :(
(Although on the upside I did save on petrol I suppose)



3. A container with some oil blew over in the wind and splattered on the neighbours path :(

4. A replacement radio I bought off E-Bay for my Peugeot 107, doesn't work... Hey, my day was complete !!


Don M said...

With all of this you sure you still want the anti-tank gun?

Vulture said...

Of course ! LOL :)