Monday, 2 May 2011

Dambusters: Cambridge scientists recreate daring World War Two raid

The development of a bouncing bomb - dropped at exactly 60ft above water in order to destroy German dams - was a testament to wartime Britain's innovation, daring and courage.
But when the calculations and plans for the Dambuster raids were lost in a flood in the 1960s, it seemed the secrets of the raids had disappeared with them.
Now a team of scientists from Cambridge University has painstakingly recreated the bomb and re-enacted its path over water, filming the results for a documentary. Link

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David Manley said...

According to one of my staff who watched the show "painstakingly" apparently involves almost totally ignoring the lessons of the actual design, not bothering to review several key sources and ending up looking like complete tools to anyone who knows anything about engineering or the raid itself!