Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Retired military icons: The ultimate boys' toys?

There is quite a fun article on the BBC web site regarding buying ex military hardware. Link.


BigLee said...

With 100% of the Harrier fleet and 40% of the Tank fleet being decommissioned its hard to see how we could fight our way out of a paper bag let alone against a hostile army.

On the plus side I wonder if I pick up a Tank on the cheep? It would certainly solve the parking problems I have outside my house.

Vulture said...


You are a man after my own heart ! I would love to get a military vehicle as well. I have thought about getting a WW2 vintage GMC truck (big 6 wheeler), but there are two things in the way:
1. It would end up deteriorating being kept outside.
2. It would block access to my garage, and the drive although big enough would probably sink under the weight !

A Jeep would be fine, but they are outrageously expensive.

Keep well