Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Farewell To The Harrier

For those in the UK who live near any of the bases named below, this is a last opportunity to see the Harrier flying with a flypast of 16 aircraft in diamond formation.
RAF Cottesmore 1300 – 1310 hrs – Depart and form diamond
RAF Marham 1318 hrs
RAF Wyton 1322 hrs
RAF Wittering 1326 hrs
Stamford 1327 hrs
RAF Cranwell 1401 hrs
RAF Waddington 1402 hrs
RAF Scampton 1404 hrs
RAF Coningsby 1411 hrs
RAF Cottesmore 1415 hrs
Oakham 1416 hrs
RAF Cottesmore 1420 hrs – Recover and land
Nothing feels good about the decision to retire this very capable aircraft early. I suppose it is a reflection of how bad the countries finances are in. Must confess I'm gutted.

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Ethics Gradient said...

Gutted too, grew up near RNAS Yeovilton, then lived in Portsmouth with a view of Invincible and Ark Royal from the office. Pity they're not doing any of the naval air stations. Such a strange and sad decision