Sunday, 4 April 2010

Battletech At The Harrogate Club

My father-in-law sadly passed away two weeks ago, and the Vulture household has been in a state of turmoil since then. Up north in Harrogate for the funeral last week, there was little opportunity or inclination to do any gaming. That said, on the Thursday evening I dropped into the Harrogate Club and met up with three old friends who had rather than playing their normal fare of Flames Of War (that I'm not very familiar with) had organised a 4 Mech aside 3025 era Battletech bash. Teamed up with Theo, I had a Shadowhawk and a Quickdraw, he had an Atlas and Assassin. Our opponents John and Chris has two Crusaders, a Thunderbolt and an Ostrock.

I used to play a huge amount of Battletech, although I've only had about 2 proper games in the last seven years. I was initially a little rusty on the rules, however it soon came flooding back, and I barely had to refer to the QR sheet.

In what was an entertain little battle, we eventually ran out of time, having lost two mechs per side, the game to continue next week. There is no doubt Battletech although now quite an old game system, is still a very elegant one, and perfectly suited to playing on a club night. As an aside, my opinion of Shadowhawks hasn't changed after that game. They are still a under-weaponed piece of junk ! :)



Sergeant Crunch said...

I think it's more a matter that the Shadowhawk's weapons aren't focused on anything. It's a jack of all trades and master of none. Got a target at long range, it has a weapon for that. Got one at short range, it has a weapon for that. Need to finish the target, well that might take a while.

the_fat_bald_bastard_in_the_blue_pullover said...

Who is that fat bald bastard in the blue pullover?

john_e said...

I set up each side up with 255 tons between 4 mechs.
When Ian left his side was ahead with 95 tons destroyed to our 125. The game is to be concluded next week with the Crusader and Thunderbolt still facing off against the Atlas and Quickdraw.

Vulture said...

Sgt Crunch
I agree especially with your last sentence ! LOL "Need to finish the target, well that might take a while."