Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Mechwarrior 5

Slightly old news, but interesting none the less, apparently a new Mechwarrior game is in production. Imaginatively titled 'Mechwarrior 5' some of the photos I've seem show excellent looking in-game graphics.
This trailer on U-Tube is pretty good as well ! :)



Paint it Pink said...

That has been around a while, generating a certain amount of buzz on the forums. Still nice to rewatch though.

Anonymous said...

Developer FASA Interactive was to follow up on the success of MechWarrior 4 (which went onto spawn a number of expansions and spin-offs despite MechWarrior 5 being confirmed soon after the fourth game's release.) The franchise unfortunately never saw the fifth game, as it was formally announced as cancelled by the developer and its publishing partner Microsoft in 2003.

Vulture said...

Paint it Pink
I can see why people are getting excited. It looks awesome.

Snake said...

Unfortunately Mechwarrior 5 will never see the light of day as it was cancelled six years ago over rights issues, don't be too sad though as Mechwarrior: Living Legends will be in Beta from Boxing Day and looks to be quite amazing.