Saturday, 5 September 2009

Space Hulk & Club Night

Finally succumbed to the buzz about the re-released Space Hulk and went on-line to order a copy direct from GW. I was amazed to find them out of stock, so I ended up ordering from a small company called Stafford Games. Just waiting for it to arrive now... Provided work commitments don't get in the way I hope to have a game at my local club with it next week. Talking of the Huntingdon club, I went down on Thursday night and found it was the start night of a new Blood Bowl league. 18 teams have been entered which should make for a great tournament. I would love to have joined in myself, but with work and family at the moment I sadly can't guarantee regular enough attendance to make the kind of commitment required.
There was a very tidy game of 25mm WW2 underway using the Crossfire rules, which I watched for a while. Here's a couple of photos.
2009-09-03 ~ S2DSCF0093
2009-09-03 ~ S2DSCF0092


Steve said...

I read on the GW blog that they sent out all the pre-orders last week and then the remaining stock in the UK warehouse was sent to the stores for today so mail order had none left.

My pre-order turned up last week. Nice looking present for my son's birthday next Sunday.

He played a game at the local GW and loved it. Basically 1st edition with a couple of add-ons. Card tiles are really nicely done as are the minis.

Vulture said...

My box arrived yesterday, have still to open it. It's an impressive weight !! :)
Kind regards