Monday, 17 August 2009

UK MOD Defence Spokesman + News Link

Defence Spokesman
I have been searching for this great clip by Bird & Fortune for some time, and accidentally stumbled across it this morning :)

Battle Over Salvaged Treasure Ship
A Spanish treasure ship is at the centre of an ownership row more than 200 years after it sank off the coast of Portugal.
The governments of Spain and Peru are pursuing rival claims to the riches of the Mercedes - a hoard of 600,000 silver and gold coins - in the US courts. Link
Minister warned over 'UK Roswell'
A former head of the military told the defence secretary that a UFO sighting dubbed Britain's Roswell could be a "banana skin", official files show.
In 1985 Lord Hill-Norton wrote to Michael Heseltine about the "Rendlesham incident" in 1980, when US airmen in Suffolk thought they saw an alien ship.
Either a craft entered UK airspace with "impunity" or US airmen were capable of a "serious misperception", he wrote.
It is among the latest MoD files on UFOs released by the National Archives. Link

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