Monday, 13 April 2009


In the 1990s I used to play loads of Battletech with some of my pals. Here is picture of one of my favourite mechs, a steiner variant Zeus.

Here also is a great video from the Mechwarrior 2 computer game, which is fantastically atmospheric...



Ethics Gradient said...

Thanks for that blast from the past, used to play Battletech myself, had a soft spot for the Griffin mechs (which normally overheated!)

Eli Arndt said...

I used to love the Zues-S myself. That and the Battlemaster were two of my favorite mechas, at least where assault mechs went. Griffons were great for mediums and I also loved Commandoes.


Vulture said...

Ethics and Eli

I have a soft spot for both the Griffin and the Battlemaster as well, although my all time favourite is the Banshee 3S :)

Paint it Pink said...

All of the mechs taken from Dougram were pretty cool i.e: Griffin, Wolverine, Shadow Hawk, Thunderbolt and Battlemaster. However, my favourite mech is probably a Locust, just love the speed.