Friday, 23 November 2007

It's A Start

I've beening thinking about starting a blog, and for no particular reason have decided to grasp the nettle and get things going. I intend to use it this as a diary of my gaming activities, both in miniatures and also on the computer.

I already have quite an extensive web site which covers both these activities.

Last night I was working on some of my 15mm sci-fi figures and vehicles. This is the area of gaming and modelling that is currently inspiring me. Whilst the management (my wife Julie) was out last night I dug out some terrain and took a few staged photos of recently completed figures and vehicles produced by Ground Zero Games (GZG). I was torn between whether to post the photo in colour or B&W, but in the end decided on the latter. Here's a High Tech Grav Tank on patrol.



Aren said...

Yes, a good start .
My name is frederik V , I have also a blog about wargaming and stuff like that.
or without the /
go on with it ,I wish you a lot of fun with the miniatures.

Vulture said...


Sorry for the delay in replying. After creating the blog, I left it for over a year. I've decided reactivate it now. I've added your site as a link.

Anonymous said...
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